Eccleshall Guide
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Political Parties
General details: Conservative - Suzie Guild 01785 850473 Liberal Democrats - David Kirby 01785 850686 UKIP - Dan Scott 01785 850427
Category: Facility
Category type: Political Parties
Premier Plumbing and Heating
Telephone: 01782 791683 / 07900 165555
General details: Service, installation and maintenance. Bathroom and kitchen installation and maintenance. Central heating, Natural Gas, oil & LPG installation and maintenance, Solar Hot water, Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps.
Category: Home Services
Category type: Plumbing and Heating
Prestige Ironing & Cleaning Solutions
Telephone: 01785 851605 / 07791 871631
General details: Prestige Ironing & Cleaning Solutions
Category: Home Services
Category type: Ironing & Cleaning
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