Eccleshall Guide
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QJS Marquetry
Telephone: 01785 850614
General details: Bespoke hand crafted marquetry. Pet portraits, boxes, jewellry, game boards, commissions undertaken. No website yet? Web design and search engine optimisation
Address 1: 15 Newport Road
Town: Eccleshall
Postcode: ST21 6BE
Category: Facility
Category type: Marquetry, Web Design
Website: QJS Marquetry
Questions and Quizmaster for hire
Telephone: 01785 851381 / 07815 419166
General details: Range of questions provided for a modest sum, quizmaster also available. Charity or commercial work undertaken. The complete event. See the quizmaster in action every Sunday evening starting at 8.30pm at the Kings Arms quiz in Stafford Street Eccleshall.
Category: Facility
Category type: Quizzes for Hire