Eccleshall Guide
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Walton Hall Academy
Telephone: 01785 850420
General details: Walton Hall Academy
Address 1: Stafford Road
Town: Eccleshall
Postcode: ST21 6JR
Category: Education
Category type: Schools
Wells Farm Dairy
Telephone: 017825 780072 / 01785 850441
General details: Wells Farm Dairy
Address 1: Denham Lodge
Address 2: Stone road
Town: Eccleshall
Category: Food and Drink
Category type: Dairy
Wetwood Mole
Telephone: 01630 620464 / 0757 8360629
General details: Traditional mole catcher. Reliable and friendly trapping service with competitive prices. Domestic, commercial and agricultural work undertaken.
Category: Home Services
Category type: Mole catcher
Website: wetwood mole
Wine Club
Telephone: 01785 850824
General details: Peter Bertram
Category: Club or Association
Wine Etc
Telephone: 01785 859096
General details: Off-licence. Monday - Sunday 10.00am to 10.00pm
Address 1: 6 High Street
Town: Eccleshall
Category type: Off Licence